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My name is Helen Fishburn.

I started my own fitness journey many years ago in athletics which progressed to a focus on physical fitness and nutrition as an integral part of life longevity. My main focus for training is based in Functional exercise.


It is important to me that my clients understand the proper body mechanics for movement, why a certain movement is beneficial and that everyone moves a little differently. I find this helps clients take ownership of their fitness journey and be more invested in the process of getting stronger. I also feel you should choose a fitness style that is both fun and challenging.


My goal is to provide training experiences that are physically challenging and fun with an emphasis on creating a fitness community to help you reach your goals.

My favorite type of training layers different types of function work together for a complete training session. This is not limited to but primarily includes cardio, strength, endurance and balance/core stability all in one session.

If I have to select my favorite exercise, it would most certainly be Indoor cycling. Indoor cycling improves muscular strength, endurance and hypertrophy, along with boosting heart health, challenging balance and can be utilized by most age groups.

My free time is spent as a wife and mother to 2 children. I enjoy relaxing with my friends and family along with outdoor activities, athletic events, music and cooking.


I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a background in group fitness as a Les Mills Certified Instructor for Sprint and Bodypump. I am also certified in UrbanKick Cardio Kickboxing and Kettlebell Basics. 



My name is Rochelle Vallejos.

I started working out about 8 years ago and realized how much of an impact it made in my life. Working out has not only changed my body, it has helped me mentally and emotionally. I’m very passionate to help others lead a stronger, happier,healthier lifestyle and to achieve results. I’m super excited and can’t wait to see new faces!!

My favorite type of training is Hitt, (High-intensity interval training) Alternating short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods until the point of exhaustion! 🔥

My favorite specific exercise would have to be a squat to overhead press. With this compound exercise, it strengthens the core, improves balance and flexibility, and builds strength.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family! I love trying new restaurants, I’m a big foodie! I enjoy watching and playing sports and enjoy music.

I’m an ISSA Certified personal trainer.



My name is Erica Wilson.

My decision to become a personal trainer came after beginning my own journey to a healthier lifestyle. After many years as a Mom who put her health too low on the list of priorities, I hired a personal trainer and it changed my life. Because I wanted to share my new passion for exercise and healthy living, I decided to get my personal training certification. I believe exercise can impact not only our physical health, but also our mental and spiritual health.

I am married and have 3 sons. I love community theater and enjoy being both on stage and backstage whenever I have the opportunity. I am also an active member of my church and enjoy helping with their mission and outreach program.

My favorite style of exercise is strength training. I particularly love the use of resistance bands. My favorite specific exercise is a squat (any kind). It is one of the most functional exercises we do.

I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and have an ISSA Senior Fitness Certification.



My name is Crystal Stewart.

I am a certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach and the owner of Downtown FIT, Women’s Training Studio.


I absolutely love what I do and I have a passion for helping other women gain confidence, strength, healthy positive relationships, plus so much more.


I have over 11 years of training experience and have been a Certified Fitness Trainer.  I also have a PN1 Certificate from Precision Nutrition as a nutrition coach and am also a Faster Way to Fat Loss Coach.

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